Making tweening work smoothly

Allow us to show you now the steps necessary to make Tweenings work perfectly - Video:
  • Get X / Y / H / W data from the tween-target.
  • Activate the tween-manager-end in the timeline. It will turn orange. Label this field tween-ending.
  • Enter the X / Y / H / W data from the tween-target in the X / Y / H / W fields in the property-manager.

  • 1
    Data tween-target activate tween-manager-end Property Manager

  • Save the project.
  • Refresh the page in the frontend. Now it works fine in jb. Once this works in jb, we can import it with REAL after which it will work as well in WordPress.

Please note: tween-ending is the last part of the tween-manager in the timeline. The reason why this is able to be different from tween-manager-end is that you can have several tween-manager objects in the timeline. This is actually very cool, because it allows you to create complex animations.