Manage Size of el-header / el-index / el-footer

The size settings of el-header / el-index / el-footer template elements also work in exactly the same way and can be adjusted as follows:
  • Click on one of the elements, for example the header. As mentioned, you will receive the el-header information as a result.

  • You can now adjust the height of the header to your preference by using drag and drop or by entering a numeric value in the H field of the property-window. Video
  • The height of el-index works a little bit differently. The reason for this is that el-index defines the height of the website. This value should be kept variable, since your websites can take on different heights based on different content. Hence, no static value can be assigned here.
  • Instead of defining a static value for el-index, we instead define a value in the DF field. DF refers to “Distance Footer” and with this value we define the distance between el-stage and el-footer. Video
  • The width value in the W field cannot be edited as this is a blanket value of 100% in order to cover the entire page.