Managing Hyperlink Settings

  • Highlight some text (blue) - video
  • Click on the link button.

  • A window will open up.

  • System

  • You can set hyperlinks within your website as follows:
    • Target - system
    • Group – can be skipped as long as you do not work with groups.
    • Page – select a page which is to be opened when the visitor clicks on the link.
    • Type – will be explained later on.

  • You can set hyperlinks to other websites on the WWW as follows:
    • Target = World Wide
    • Address for example.  Make sure not to forget the http:// prefix.

  • The Type option gives you two options how the target page is to be opened after a user has clicked on the link:
    • _self  leaves page and opens the target page in the same browser tab.
    • _blank the target page is opened in a new browser tab.

  • Using the Color option you can adjust the local color settings. This can be useful in a situation where, for example, the global hyperlink color settings are dark blue while you are trying to set up a hyperlink on a page with a black background. In this situation, a brighter font color (for example white or bright yellow) would be easier to read.