Creating Multi-Color Navigation

To create multi-colored navigation please proceed as follows:
  • In the top right section you will see an option field labeled Global.

  • You will remember that in the beginning we created the following demo navigations. By clicking on Global now you would find this list:
    • Home
    • Team
    • Service
    • Contact
  • By selecting the navigation point Home, the CSS editor will change its appearance.
  • All changes made at this point will only affect the Home navigation item. Try it.

Trick - Multi Colored Navigation in WordPress
There is a trick which allows you to create multi colored navigation in WordPress as well. Simply try the following:
  • Create a picture such as this:
  • Click on Navigation à Global à Background and upload the picture to your website.

Here a demo how this looks afterwards: Multi Color Demo. Naturally you will need a graphics editing program and to mess around a bit. You may need two or three attempts to get it to work but in the end it looks rather nice.