Contact Form Administration

Once you are finished with the basic settings of your form builder you should manage your configuration. To do this, follow these steps Video:
  • Open the extruder Form Options on the right hand side and then click on the Config tab. 

  • Here you can manage:

    • Max File Upload size - you need this only when you allow users to attach files to the contact form.
    • Grab User IP - set this to yes if you would like to have the IP number of your user stored.
    • Redirect page - defines which page the user will be redirected to after submitting the form, for example
    • Email Address - this will be the address you used when you open a jb account; you can change this later as a premium user. You will be notified in this email account when somebody sends you an email, by this you get a fully survey of the data which user send to you.