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The Magic Box is a drag and drop jQuery builder to create Tabs, Accordions, Overlays, Sliders or a Full Page Sliders. Let us show you here what makes it such a unique Killer application. And don't pay to much attention to the details,we shou you that later step by step. Click on the image below.

First Demo

First Demo

Take this to be the first demo. Basically we trigger from the Magic Box an overlay in which we embedded a Video plus this text, all done just by drag and drop.

Basically you load the Magic Box over the tool box but it is much more than a web design tool it is also a website Builder within the website Builder. Let us give you here an overview as to how it basically works.

Step 1 - Load the Magic Box

In the first step you load the Magic Box just like any other tool.

New Tab

Step 2 - Create the Structur

Basically you have to go through 3 steps to make Magic Box Work. In the first step you create some Web pages in jb website Builder. You could do this within the REAL Backend in WordPress, however, it will work faster and better when you open the Backend of jb, here is a brief Video of how I would do it.

Step 3 - Create Content

Once you create the web pages you have to create content like text, images and so on. But basically there is nothing new to learn, but here again is a brief Video on how that works.

Trigger Magic Box

New Tab

Create 4 Tabs

On the right side you define how many tabs, sliders your application will have. Let’s say we set value 4.

Select jQuery Type

Next you decide if this should be an overlay, a tab or one of the other supported applications.

Load Content

3. On the left side you see “New Tabs” this are the 4 Tabs which we created before - right. You click on them and load either images or - one of the pages which we created before in Part 1 and 2.
And here it is, let us show you why the Magic Box is really magic. By opening the magic box from the tool box you will see this Graphical User Interface.

The Magic Box is a killer application with which you can currently create the 5 most popular jQuery applications, without writing a single line of code. Beyond that you can create meaningful content within your applications by using drag and drop and you can load everything, also even the Magic Box into the Magic Box as you have seen here. 

Last Message from Magic Box

When you read this, you are going to grab the real idea of the Magic Box. The purpose is to cut content in smaller, easier to read pieces, because this is it what makes your message better readable for page visitors and keep them longer on the page. Like you, because by now we assume that you stood 3 - 5 minutes on 1 particular web page.