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Get Facebook like box code

The good news is that HTML Include and Java Script Include both technically work the same way.  Here is an example that will illustrate:

    • Open Facebook page to get the code for the Facebook like box.
    • Put your Facebook id in the field Facebook page URL as you see here.
    • After that, we can already see the result on the right side

Paste the HTML code 

  • Copy the code. 
  • Open your jb  backend  
  • Open Tools. 
  • Load HTML include 
  • Paste the code into code editor field 
  • click OK

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Was this helpful?

Paste the Javascript code

    • Open the browser tab from Facebook. 
    • Open JS_Include . 
    •  Paste the code in the  Text Editor  
    • Click OK. 
    • Drag and drop this code if you like.

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Resize/repozition the HTMl/Js/PHP tool

After that we can drag and drop this code just like any other tool as you see here after that we click one more time save and open the front end- and here it is.

  • If you are unsure about your application, open an empty page to test it and if it goes wrong you can just delete the page.
  • Basically it is very easy, all you have to do is just copy and paste 1 or 2 line of code.
  • Very soon you will see that the jb’s open source interface for javaScript and html5 offers you incredible opportunities to boost your webpage.  Please feel free to experiment with this, you will be amazed at how easy it is.    Finally, we are sure that you will be very pleased when you see all what you are able to do to make your web page really stand out .

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