What is REAL

REAL Open Source Website Builder Documentation REAL is a WordPress Plugin, what turns your page into a drag and drop open source website builder. In this documentation we will explain you step by step: 

  • How to connect the jb-websiteBuilder (abbreviated jb) with the REAL drag and drop open source website.
  • How to create sophisticate content by using jb’s HTML 5 drag and drop technologies, by this the REAL WordPress plugin turns your WordPress page in a multi million dollar machine. How to improve content appearance by using a jquery effect. (great for online marketing) 
  • How you could manage your website development to create a website layout (for WordPress!) from scratch, without writing a single line of code, just by drag and drop. 
  • How to work with jb’s GUI to create meaningful, stylish Web 2.0 css menus or a css drop shadow. 
  • How to use jb’s form builder and make a powerful php contact form, just by drag and drop. 
  • Create moving animations to make your content looking like flash, while it is still HTML5 (great for online marketing). 
How all this work we will show you in this documentation for REAL a WordPress Plugin, for the first real drag and drop open source website builder. 

Notes about REAL a WordPress Plugin

The REAL WordPress Plugin, turns your page into a drag and drop open source website. You can download it for free and many services are for free. Never the less, we offer some special services which you can use by supporting this project by doing Hosting with us. So please give it a chance and take a look to our Hosting packets. And thanks for offer us a Donation, but forgive us, we don’t want that - we hope you could understand why that is so.

Why is this a Open Source Website Builder

Because it offer’s you 3 API to make HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, and PHP work within your Website - and yes, this works even in WordPress - just try it.

Why is this a WordPress Plugin

Because it doesen’t work in Joomla. Serious, we love WordPress and made many Pages for our clients the last decade in this technology. By releasing the REAL WordPress plugin we like to share with you this love.