Opening the Font Manager

In the following section we will show you how to manage Fonts for the text on your pages using the Fonts Manager (video):
  • Load the text tool (video).
  • Click on the Edit CSS button (right) in order to open the Fonts Manager. A window will open up (this may take a bit longer).

  • Click Edit CSS Opens Fonts Manager

  • Click in the text field next to H1 in order to adjust the font’s color to your preferences.
  • Following this, you can adjust the following settings:

Fonts Type

  • Font Size – tip: for H1 through H4 reserve bigger font types for example to be used as headings.
  • Using Group selects a fonts group.
  • Using Fonts select the particular font you would like to use.
  • Hover over the Mouseover field (right) in order to review what the font will look like with the settings you made.
  • Next, if you are happy with your settings, Save.