Contact Form Fields Survey

In this Chapter we would like to show you your options for the form field settings. Let us first get a survey by checking the form fields in the CF-Toolbox. We will later explain your options in the settings in more detail.

Textfield Set info in text field for values like Name, Street etc.
Textbox Mostly used to enable user to leave a message
Dropdown List Set a list of values, for instance: Select State
  • - Alabama
  • - Alaska
  • - Etc. 
Chain Select Let’s leave that out
Chain Mail Organize your email traffic.
Chain URL Increase usability of your page demo  
Multi Select Simultaneous selection of multiple items
Check Box Confirmation (for example terms of use) 
Radio Button Selection of multiple options (for example: yes – no)
Password field Password   *******
Attachment Allows users to attach files to the form
Hidden Field Hidden fields (useful for marketing) 
Hidden Group Allows defining several hidden information
Date Date such as for example birthdate
Date Range Start - End Date for example to book a hotel room
Email Verifies if the email address is correct.
Captcha Spam protection