What you see here is PIWIK. You can use it to monitor your page to learn what your visitors like. In our opinion this goes far beyond what GOOGLE Analytic and it seems like that we are not the only one with such an opinion, because even giants like Sharp, T-Mobile and Forbes use it.

One Click Installation

We make it easy for you to get access to hundreds of powerful Open Source applications, by providing you a one click installation. With just one click we install files, create (if needed) the database and user account to make it work out of the box.

PIWIK-Web Analytics

PIWIK is an open source page monitoring system. Something like GOOGLE Analytics? Well not exactly, because PIWIK deliver some data what GOOGLE Analytic does) as far as we know / up today) not delivers – for instance page visitors IP. Based on PIWIKS data supply we created ROMA and ROMA – Email analytic. By doing business with us we will install and configure PIWIK for you, to make it work out of the box for your online marketing analytics.