Re-Use your Work

As a power user surely you have made the experience that some work always repeats itself. Using Group System you have multiple options to copy your work from one website or group to another and to re-use it. Here is how it works:
  • Function 1 is very simply to copy an entire group under a new name (compare II / 4.b). This can be very useful in situations where you (or your customer) would like to use a page for multiple languages because then all you have to do is to switch out the text.
  • Using the Save As function you can save individual pages to different groups. Doing so, you can re-use page layouts you created previously.
  • All forms which you have created at any time are available to all groups. It may be necessary to change some data in the configuration (email address, thank you page) and to save the form under a new name. Most likely this is still faster than creating a new form from scratch though.
  • All navigation elements, stages, templates and font sets can be used in every group.
  • All effects and tweenings can be used in every group.