Real Layout Builder Plugin

REAL is a WordPress plugin which makes the jb-websiteBuilder (jb) accesible for WordPress. The jb layout builder goes far beyond current website builders due new technology concepts like WYSIWYG, drag and drop  and import / export. Due that you to create professional page layouts on a fly. Tasks which took you so far 2 – 3 days can be managed in less than 1 h. 

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What you get – Beyond the Standards

Of course the REAL Layout Builder creates responsive layouts and works on all devices like desktop, mobile and tablets. And certainly we did take care to follow valid W3C standards for faster page loading and a perfect SEO optimization. But let us talk here about some additional features which you will get nowhere else, because REAL has a deep commitment to excellence, just because you can expect more from it.

In contrast to the most other WordPress layout builders operates REAL in an easy to understand WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment. By this you see right away how your page looks like.

Drag and drop is cool, but sometimes not precise enough to give you page the extra touch. With p-win you have a unique tool to get a absolutely control about size and position of any content objects in your page.

Like any other modern website builder does REAL supports an easy to use drag and drop technology for fast and intuitive layout building. But there is a bid more what you can expect, so keep reading.

What is this? Frankly speaking, even we don’t know yet. Initially we create it for making jQuery apps like Sliders, Tabs and so on. Later it was the key for our import technology and last week created a parallax page but it was never built for that .. and we believe there is more to discover what you can do with it...

Creating powerful and stylish contact forms was never easier because REAL comes with a contact form engine what works, make a guess, right, in the same logic like the rest of REAL. This means it comes with a WYSIWYG, drag and drop and a GUI for CSS management. With the contact form engine you can even create complex forms with multiple pages.

REAL comes with 13 tools like text / image / YouTube and so on. The good news, all is just 2 – 3 clicks away from creation and completion and all works (mostly) in the same logic. This means, as soon as you understand one tool (what will take you less than a minute) you understand as well the others.

REAL was made firstly for professionals, but who says that consumers can’t make professional websites? By that most website builders we know took not care of such little but very important details like providing z-index management. However, with REAL you can manage of course such things.

Last but not least REAL comes with some powerful open source interfaces to incorporate your code (CSS / JS / jQuery /HTML / PHP) or code snippets like AdSense / Facebook and so on. Once you incorporateda  code in your template you can still use jb's Import / Export and drag and drop technology.

REAL comes with several effect plugins like image, text and transition effects, which you can trigger with just 1 click.

REAL Graphical User Interfaces

The REAL website builder comes with several, easy to understand interfaces. The good news is, that everything is just 2 – 3 clicks away, and all interfaces working in the same logic, what is not too bad, because it lowers the learning curve and accelerate the workflow .

Pixel perfect positioning and scaling

Background image

Import / Export pages

Set loading effects

Manage the grid

Access the Help

The property window, or p-win


With the property window (p-win) you can manage the size and position of your content objects with ease and with pixel perfect precision. With the help of p-win you can also import/export pages, set custom backgrounds, set effects etc.

p-winToolboxmagicBoxFormsOpen SourceEffects


If you have the feeling that you witnessing a déjà vu so far, we may can help you out. Very likely you read already the presentation of the Theme Builder which is pretty similar. The reason is that we took very care that your workflow repeat itself as often as possible, what is not too bad because it lowers the learning curve dramatically.

 Free Downloads

You can download as many WordPress themes and theme parts, like headers, navigations, etc., as you like, without any limitations. Beyond that, we work continuously to expand our shop to offer you more choices and faster workflow.

Please note that we are speaking only about layouts, which means they usually come without images. In most cases, images require an extra licensing fee, but in this case, we have provided a solution. So keep reading.

 Image Licensing 
Images are certainly a big issue for us. We love and often use images from them. However, we don't think it is useful for us to offer a license with our designs, because we would have to charge you far more for it than you would have to pay if you bought the license directly from them. You would also have have far more choices, because they have 22 million images.;

Images We made some deals directly with some very cool photographers and and we've extended our page technology to make more of these deals soon. In this way, we can offer you images with Getty quality for a fraction of the price. The best part about this is that, unlike, these images come without any resolution limitation.


We are here to help you. For this reason, we produced a full system documentation with more than 300 videos. These videos are very short (10-20 seconds), because we come directly to the point. And don’t take us wrong: you don’t need to see all these videos, because REAL is mostly self-explanatory. However, there might be questions, and we cannot know on which point in the system you might get stuck. Therefore, we made comprehensive documentation to be prepared, whenever or where ever you might have a question.

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