What you get – Beyond the Standards

Of course, REAL creates fully responsive WordPress themes which work on all devices like desktop, mobile, and tablets. And REAL certainly follows valid W3C standards for faster page loading and SEO optimizations. However, REAL doesn't just meet standards – it exceeds them. So, be curious and discover on this page what new tools REAL will provide to give you a better and faster designer experience.

You don’t have to be a designer to create a beautiful website, because REAL comes with a powerful Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to manage CSS3. With the help of CSS3, you can not only manage the colours of your content, but you can also generate gradients, rounded corners, (3D) shadows, and much more.

You can manage any object of your theme (header, footer, etc.) as you like (size / position) in an easy to understand WYSIWYG editor without writing a single line of code. Lightning-fast and unlimited, this is an incredible work experience.

In our shop, you will find hundreds of predefined themes and theme parts, like headers, footers, canvas, and page navigations, which you can download for free and import into your theme. But there is more that you can do, so keep reading.

You can do everything with your page, except being boring. To keep your page interesting and meaningful, REAL provides you a powerful Local / Global concept to manage headers, backgrounds, sidebars, and archive, either all over your page (global) or differently in certain places (local).

REAL comes with a huge library of 600 font styles, which you can fully customize (size / color / style). Beyond that, you can enhance your fonts with CSS3 shadows, rotator and some cool HTML5 text effects.

An easy to understand page navigation is a key feature for your page's success. To make sure that this will work for you, REAL provides you with a very powerful navigation style management, with which you can create multi-color navigations, as well as Mega Menus, on the fly.

The REAL Archive / Category Plugin follows a similar approach to the REAL sidebar. This means more styles, for better incorporation with your content. In this way, you can create different layouts for different archives and connect each archive or category with one of the styles you created before.

With the REAL Sidebar plugin, you don't have to depend on the one or two sidebars that cone with your theme; instead, you can create as many sidebars as you need. On top of that, we created a GUI for CSS management and an extruder technology, as you can see here (left side “Shopping Card” and footer “Pricing”) for better page integration.

With Group Manger, you can have several websites, with different themes and content under the same URL. Sound complicated? Well, it isn’t; just click the links here and keep an eye on the jb.org address: ;

Last, but not least, REAL comes with some powerful open source interfaces to incorporate your code (CSS / JS / HTML jQuery / PHP) or code snippets (like AdSense / Facebook, and so on). Once you incorporate code into your template, you can still use jb's Import / Export and drag-and-drop technology.

In our shop, we deliver to you all themes and theme parts in a default width of 1280, but you can resize that at any time and still use the layouts from our shop by using the REAL Special Import technology. With that, REAL will take care that all template parts and your page content will fit in accordance to your changes.

REAL comes with three slider models, like slider 2D, slider 3D, and parallax full-page slider. Due to technologies like REAL magicBox (a GUI / jQuery Builder), transition effects, image and text effects, and tween engine, you can create awesome sliders on the fly in a easy to use, WYSIWYG environment.

 Free Downloads

You can download as many WordPress themes and theme parts, like headers, navigations, etc., as you like, without any limitations. Beyond that, we work continuously to expand our shop to offer you more choices and faster workflow.

Please note that we are speaking only about layouts, which means they usually come without images. In most cases, images require an extra licensing fee, but in this case, we have provided a solution. So keep reading.

 Image Licensing

Images are certainly a big issue for us. We love bigstock.com and often use images from them. However, we don't think it is useful for us to offer a bigstock.com license with our designs, because we would have to charge you far more for it than you would have to pay if you bought the license directly from them. You would also have have far more choices, because they have 22 million images.;

Images We made some deals directly with some very cool photographers and and we've extended our page technology to make more of these deals soon. In this way, we can offer you images with Getty quality for a fraction of the price. The best part about this is that, unlike bigstock.com, these images come without any resolution limitation.


We are here to help you. For this reason, we produced a full system documentation with more than 300 videos. These videos are very short (10-20 seconds), because we come directly to the point. And don’t take us wrong: you don’t need to see all these videos, because REAL is mostly self-explanatory. However, there might be questions, and we cannot know on which point in the system you might get stuck. Therefore, we made comprehensive documentation to be prepared, whenever or where ever you might have a question.

How it Works

REAL Graphical User Interfaces

The REAL Template engine comes with several easy to understand interfaces. The good news is, everything is just two or three clicks away, and all interfaces working within the same logic, which lowers the learning curve and increases your workflow by ten times.

Import / Export ready

Multi Color

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Drag & Drop support

CSS3 GUI for Border, Shadows and much more

Sub & Mega Sub Menue support

CSS Navigation Editor

NavigationCanvasHeaderFooterFonts Management


If you have a feeling of déjà vu, we may be able to help you out. Very likely, you have already read the Layout Builder presentation, which is pretty similar. This is because we took care to make your workflow repeat itself as often as possible, which is not too bad, because it lowers the learning curve dramatically.

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The Real WordPress Theme

Create professional REAL WordPress themes in minutes, not days, thanks to jb-websiteBuilder's (abbreviated jb) template engine. Save hundreds of hours with jb's lightning-fast import / export technology and customize your templates without writing a single line of code. Then use the REAL plugin to turn them into WordPress themes with a single click.