Slider 3D

Here is a demo in which you can see the Slider in action. Please note: Flash is no longer supported.

  • Click the Add Image button in order to load pictures from the system gallery. Repeat this step to load multiple pictures. Video
  • Click on the picture at the bottom and it will show up on the left hand side. Next, you can click on Text on the right hand side (if it is not already open) to define a title using the Title field and more information using the Text field. Video
  • Should you wish to remove a picture you can do so using the Removebutton.
  • You can define HTML effects as follows: Video

    • Click on the picture
    • Select an effect from the list.
    • Click the next picture and repeat.

  • Settings

    • By setting Autoplay to True the slider will play automatically. By setting it to False you will require the user to use the Slider 3D Navigation to load the next picture. .
    • Title size determines the font size of the title.
    • Text color defines the color of the text.