• Adjust jb to WordPress
    Your Theme is perfect and you don’t want make any changes to it. In this case we have to adjust the canvas in jb to your WordPress theme.  Here is how that works:
    • In the WordPress backend open REAL➙Templates and look for Pages stage width.
    • Let’s say the canvas in your WordPress Theme is 1280px. Then you have to set it to 1280 here as well before clicking Update.
    • If the canvas in WordPress is 50% or 100% - we recommend 1280 in jb. Don’t worry, it will be responsive - just try it by resizing your screen.
    • Conduct a final test by using the Page - test canvas function.

  • Adjust WordPress to jb

    Using this approach you have to use jb’s template engine which works like this:

    • In the WordPress Backend open Appearance ➙ Themes

    • Click jb Theme Activatejb Theme. In doing so, you open the door to work like a professional Designer, because now you can do whatever you want with your theme, without writing a single line of code. More Info on this is available in Template Engine chapter.