Terms we use to describe Tweening Engine

Term What it means
Add Text Creates a tween-object
Preview Preview - click on it to trigger current tweening application
Stage The space where your web content takes place.
Properties Define dimension like H/W/X/Y.  Height, Width, X= horizontal position and Y = vertical position.
timeline Here you define when Objects start and end in tweening.
tween-object By clicking on Add Text a tween-object object appears on the Stage. Later on tween-object will execute a tweening action when you click on preview.
tween-manager For objects on the timeline orange denotes it is the active object which will be affected by the settings in the properties manager.
tween-manager-start Tween Manger consists of 2 parts, first part is tween-manager-start
tween-manager-end Tween Manger consists of 2 parts, last part is tween-manager-end
tween-ending The very last part of tween-manager in the timeline. This part has to have same H/W/X/Y values as tween-target.
tween-target After you created a tween you will want to execute and assign it to an object like images, text or page navigation – these objects are referred to as the tween-target.

Here are a few more demos: