Text Effects

To use text effects proceed as follows:
  • In the WordPress backend click on Edit to open the Editor Page in your jb account.

  • Hover your mouse cursor over the text object for which you want to define a text effect. At the top on the right hand side you will see a navigation bar. Click on the brush icon (3rd icon from the left).

  • The text Text-Effect Editor will open.

  • This is how it works:
    • Please note that currently only single line text effects can be produced. Here an example:

    • Single line text works

      Text with line break does not work

      This is how the text effect works.
      This way the text effect does
      Not work.

    • Using Select you can pick predefined effects and test them using the Run button. You are also able to modify these effects according to your preferences and to save these under a new name using the Save As button.
    • Click on Add New to define a new effect from scratch. Assign a name to the effect and then click OK.
    • In the Create menu (top left) 3 modes are at your disposal. Our advice is to try experiment with them.
    • Finally, click OK, save your page and review the results in the frontend.
      Export the effect using REAL, as with any other page, and import it in WordPress if you are happy with the results.