This is not easy but it works by dragging and dropping and that’s what makes it magic, because it empowers even consumers to develop complex web applications with highly structured content.  To see how it works, we recommend that you open a test account- you won’t believe your eyes later on when you check your page visitor statistics 

Let us ask you a simple question.  Why does your Client need a webpage- what is your purpose?  The standard answer would be to get page visitors, get them interested in there content, and allow them to spread there message over the internet, right? And this is what MagicBox is built for.  Due to its sophisticated approach, visitors stay 8 times longer on the page while bounce rates decline more than 60%.  
Beside that the magicBox is a fast, easy, scalable and very flexible web application with which you manage your tasks 5 times faster.

Magic Box-jQuery Builder

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