Let’s next work on the form header.
  • In the Title Text we can enter user information such as for example “Contact Us”.
  • We can freely define the height of the header. In this example, we set the Title Height value to 50px.
  • The position of the previously defined user information is set to center using the Text Align attribute.
  • Using the Color 1 and 2 attributes we define the background color. In the example, we create a silver background.
  • We can skip the font settings as we have previously covered them.

Tab Title
Sub Category

Form Title Config Title Text Contact Us
  Title Visible
  Title Height 50
  Text Align Center
  Color 1 #ffffff 
  Color 2 #9e959e
Form Title Font    
  Fonts color #050505
Fonts Setting   What ever

The result looks as follows:

Title Before
Title After

Below, for your review, all changes made so far:

Title Before
Title After