Triggering an Animation in the Page

Now, we want to make our puzzle_1 animation visible to visitors of our page. To do this, follow these steps:  Video
  • In REAL open the Drag and Drop tab and open a page in jb by clicking on Edit.

  • Choose an object like text or image to be animated. Label this object tween-target. Hover the mouse cursor over the object to see a blue icon:

  • Click on the tween icon. In the window which opens select:
    • Tween-Name - Hall of Fame
    • Tween-Object - puzzle_1.
    • Click on OK.

  • Save the page and click on preview. The results work but do not look very good because the animated object is too small compared to what is visible in the backend.

This was expected. Allow us to show you in the next chapter the steps necessary to make it work perfectly.