Create an animation.

Let’s start and create an animation - Video.
  • In the tween-navigation click on the “Add Text” button. In doing so we create:
    • A tween-object which takes place in the stage
    • An orange / yellow tween-manager object in the timeline.  
  • In Stage click on the tween-object to activate it.
    • In Properties we replace the Lorem Ipsum text for the tween-object with puzzle_1.
    • In timeline on the left side we replace text1 with puzzle_1.

  • Now we are ready to animate the tween-object puzzle_1. To do this, follow these steps:
    • Drag the tween-manager duration to 3 seconds.

    • Drag from tween-manger  1 Sec       ➙ to 3 sec

    • Click the left part of the tween-manager, label this tween-manager-start - it will turn orange. In properties, set the Field X value to minus 500. Click in tween-manager on the right side, label this tween-manager-end - it will turn orange.  In properties, set the Field X value to 200.

    • tween-manager-start

    • Click preview - and see how or tween-object puzzle_1 moves from left to right.
    • Shorten the time in the tween-manager just by dragging it from 3 to 0.5 seconds. After this click preview again and note that it runs much faster now. This is because it has to manage the same distance in less time.
    • Finally save the project and give it the name Hall of Fame.

This covers the basics. We will come back later to this to adjust some things. However, for the moment we can leave the project like this.