URL-Chain Select Background Information

Do you know what URL Chain Select refers to? Then you can skip this chapter. Are you wondering what it is good for? Here a brief explanation how it works:
  • On our docs page you can browse the system documentation. We divided this as follows:
    • How I manage Navigation?
    • How I use Tools?
    • etc.

  • The category How I use Tools is further divided in:
    • Text
    • YouTube
    • Etc.

  • In Tools ➙ Text you can find further sections such as:
    • How can I access the text Tool?
    • How can I create and write Text
    • Etc.

The structure thus looks in the Backend and Frontend as follows:


The purpose of this application is to organize, in a user friendly manner, complex websites which may include 100 or more individual pages. In instances where you want to integrate products or documentation in your website this function can be very useful.