Use of the FancyBox

FancyBox is a jQuery overlay which you can start by clicking on an image or a text link. Triggering Image Link. Video
  • Select FancyBox from the Application list. The view will change and now should look like this:

  • From the Type dropdown menu select either Image or Page.
  • If you have selected the Image type the selected picture will be shown bigger in the overlay when clicked.
  • Should you have selected the Page type the view changes as follows:

  • Selection Image
    Selection Page-Modus

  • In the Page-Modus selection you can thus load a page of the jb-websiteBuilder into an overlay. Below are the steps necessary to do this:

    • Click on Select Picture in order to select a picture from the system image gallery.
    • Define the Width and Height values of the picture. These refer to the size of the picture which the page visitor has to click in order to trigger the FancyBox.
    • As necessary define the page which you want to load (see p. 49 II / 5 a, b, c, d).
    • Click on OK, Save and then Preview in order to look at the result in the frontend.