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PS: In the first step you should start with part 1, REAL Installation.pdf. You will find that file here

For Consumers 
Got a minute? Well, it won’t be enough. Serious, invest 3 – 4 h to work with this documentation. Invest 3 - 4  days  (30 minutes daily) more to train what you learned. After that you will manage technologies, for what you would need otherwise 2 – 3 years. It’s like learning reading and writing, just faster.0

For Professionals 
 Invest 1 – 2 h to make REAL work for you. After that, we promise, starts the magic, because you will work 20 times faster. That means, tasks what needed before 2 – 3 h, will be done in 10 minutes. Anything else? Oh yes, REAL is not a website builder as you might know it, because REAL is unlimited. You can make money with it, by using it in your client projects.

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