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Create content (Pages or Posts)

You have two options to create content (text / images / videos etc.). You can either create a Pages or a Posts. The basic principles to do that are the same. The difference later is just that you have to connect your Posts with Categories, we will show you that in the next step.


In step 4 we switched to Text. We did this, because it is very likely that you will write your text in the first place in a Text Editor like Microsoft Word. By that you would paste as well Microsoft HTML settings to your page, what is not recommendable.

  • Click left side Pages (or Post) Add New 
  • Set a headline like Hello World. 
  • Copy some demo text (Lorem Ipsum) from here. 
  • Switch right side to Text / Visual --> Select Text.
  • Paste demo text. 
  • Click right side Preview to view the page as your visitors will 
  • Click Publish to save the page.
  • Click View Post