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Online Form Builder for WordPress

Creating a powerful dynamically php contact form with the WordPress REAL online form builder plugin is as easy as counting 1,2,3. Just check out the Video below to see how it works. And don’t spend too much time on the details; you can trace that later in the eBook step by step.

Create Easily PHP Form by Drag and Drop

It will take you no more than 5 minutes to learn how you can create a dynamic php form, because it is drag and drop based and works without writing a single line of code.

Visual Form Builder

The first thing you have to do is to drag a contact a form field from the toolbox into the canvas (the box in the middle of the page). By doing that you can drag any kind of form field you like because it all works the same way.
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WYSIWYG for Form Creation

Beyond that you will see in the WYSIWYG Contact form Engine how your Form will later appear in the browser of your page Visitors. That’s what makes it fast and easy to create a contact form just the way you want it.

WordPress Plugin PHP Form Field Settings

The Real WordPress online form builder plugin is a very powerful tool and requires a bit of attention because you will have several options, but don’t worry every thing is just 1 Click away and we provide you full documentation in the eBook on how you have to manage it to create a powerful php form without writing a single line of code.
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What you see above is a php form setting to manage the settings for hidden fields. With this you can increase your online marketing success dramatically, because by using this the Real WordPress online form builder plugin will teach you what works / sells and what does not.

Create a PHP Form with Multiple Pages

In most of the cases you will probably not need this. We would even recommend to resist to attempt to create huge contact forms over several pages. However, there can be certain situations where you need it (for instance for Job Posting). In these cases we provide you the right tools to make that on the fly, just by drag and drop.

Tools for every Situation

By providing such options to you (or your clients) you can be sure that you will always be prepared, by using the Real WordPress online form builder plugin, and who knows, maybe one day you have a situation where you need create a php form like this.
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Online Form Builder CSS3 Style Settings

With the CSS Editor for the REAL WordPress online form builder plugin you can take full control over your php form style. For this we provide you a comprehensive GUI CSS Editor that is easy to use because it works without writing a single line of code. Beyond that it will work faster than doing the coding by hand because you will see right away due to the build in WYSIWYG Editor how your settings impact the appearance of your php form.

The CSS Editor for REAL WordPress online form builder plugin provides CSS Opacity, CSS drop shadows, css gradient colors for background, form field and buttons, round corners, fonts management.

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Online Form Builder - PHP Settings

You can handle php form settings in the REAL WordPress online form builder plugin to manage your Admin Email (to get notification), grab IP Address (of sender), Max File size (for File Uploading) and redirect page (to Thank You page) in an easy and intuitive way within the Config tab. That’s it, which makes it very easy to handle this tool.

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Online Form Builder - Data Exporter

The Real WordPress php online form builder comes with a powerful exporter to make your data accessible in other Systems like Microsoft Outlook in your Company CRM System.

php form, data exporter,  form builder, php contact form

Notes about Data Export

Almost every CRM, Email Program and even Facebook or Google provides an API for data export / import that is structured in Microsoft Outlook format. Please let us know if you use something where this does not work, we will look than what we can do in order to provide a solution.

WordPress Online Form Builder - Summary

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