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WordPress Plugins

So far we have created 3 plugins for WordPress to boost the functionalities of your wordpress page and make it a real open source website builder. Let me give you here a brief summary about what we have developed so far.

The REAL Website Builder Plugin

The REAL plugin turns your WordPress page into a drag and drop Website builder. It is actually one of the most complex WordPress plugins at all, because it covers mostly every plugin you need like a WordPress YouTube Plugin, a WordPress Google Maps Plugin, slider and even a 3D Slider. Further more it comes with some special features like Magic Box, Group System and a very powerful Effect engine to create (HTML5!) text and image effects. Just check out the Video to see how it works.

The WordPress Sidebar Plugin

The Sidebar Plugin is a plugin to make your WordPress Sidebar dynamically; by this you can create as many Sidebars as you like, publish them where ever you want and place them in 6 different places within your website. Actually the Sidebar plugin is in our opinion one of the most creative WordPress Plugins at all, because it solves a typically WordPress style problem (look to the screenshot below) through it’s extruder approach. You can download the REAL Sidebar plugin here.

External Plugins

There are many Plugins out there that will load content into your WordPress sidebar. However, not one of them worked in accordance to our needs, until we found Insert a Page (Google Page 8) from Paul Tero. In our opinion this is one of the smartest plugins to get the job done, when it goes to load content into a sidebar. After we found it we made some additions, to load as well an iframe, which can be useful when you are facing CSS or JavaScript problems. We thought it might be useful for some of your folks, therefore you can download it here Download Plugin