Working with the CSS-Manager

  • You are now in the CSS-Navigations-Manager. Due to some optimization measures, you can skip several applications here or execute them better in the Template Engine directly. 

  • Open Menu – is handled better through the Template Engine. 
  • Click on New Sheme if you want to create an entirely new style set
  • Edit Style– is handled well through the Template Engine. 
  • Copy Style is cool as it allows you to copy styles before experimenting with them in different variations. In doing so, you will keep the original style should you (or your customer) not like the changes resulting from your experiments or you prefer the original in the end.
  • Activate – is handled better through the Template Engine. 
  • In the column Actions click on Delete in order to delete a style. Please note that (for security reasons) styles which are active cannot be deleted.
In summary, you only need New Sheme and Copy at this point, each of which is a very powerful function.